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Wildland FX3

Pierce Wildland FX3 Header

Surprisingly spacious and well equipped. Critically rugged and compact.



Pierce Wildland FX3 Overview-1

啪影院在线线免费观看Top Pierce features and space-saving design come standard on the new mission-critical Wildland FX3. The air ride cab comfortably fits 5 personnel. The stainless-steel body integrates full-depth left side compartments, 6 standard fender compartments, lowered compartment doors for better ergonomics, and large undercab compartments. Departments can expect aluminum hose bed covers, integrated hatch compartments with top and rear access, flush-mounted hinged body doors, fully enclosed low height ladder storage, and dedicated dry storage areas for more extensive deployment.

啪影院在线线免费观看Standards include a 70-gallon fuel tank, bumper extension with left/right/center hose trays featuring aluminum lids, 2 bumper outlets, a hydraulic auxiliary pump for true pump-and-roll, and a powerful Husky™ foam system with hose reel.

啪影院在线线免费观看Beyond the ergonomic ladder storage, the Wildland FX3 deadlay is recess-mounted in the front pump module. Its rear plumbing connections have low connection points to keep firefighters on the ground, which prevents injuries from climbing on and off the truck to interface with controls.



Body Material
304L stainless steel
Body Length
101" standard
Body Width
98" standard
4 Door
Commercial Chassis
Freightliner M2-106, International HV
Compartment Space
Up to 119 cu ft
Structural Body Warranty
Usable Compartment Depth

啪影院在线线免费观看Left: 23.5"

Right: 11.5" upper, 23.5" lower


300 - 325 amp
Compartment Load Rating
Up to 500 lb each
Cummins L9, B6.7
Engine Horsepower
L9 to 350, B6.7 to 360
Foam Capacities
Up to 20 gallons
Front GAWR
12,000 - 13,000 lb
23,000 lb
Pump Range
500 gpm or 1,000 gpm, PTO-driven
500 gallons/ lifetime warranty
Allison 3,000 EVS

Chassis & Electrical

Multiplexed electrical system

啪影院在线线免费观看16” bumper extension

LS/RS hose trays for 50’ of 1.75” hose

Center tray for 75’ of 1.75” hose

Protected valve placement

啪影院在线线免费观看(2) 1.5” discharges

啪影院在线线免费观看LS brass compartment under crew cab

RS compartment or hose reel under crew cab

啪影院在线线免费观看25°-FTL / 30°-INT angle of approach

Fire Suppression

28” pump house stainless steel construction

Stainless steel plumbing

Husky™ 3 or FoamPro 1600 foam system(s)

Components positioned for ease of serviceability

Long handle tool compartment with flush door 

Improved access to the pump

Ergonomic deadlay for up to 200' of 1.75" hose

Rear Body

啪影院在线线免费观看101” hucked stainless steel body

啪影院在线线免费观看Hucked steel substructure

啪影院在线线免费观看Integrated hatch compartments

啪影院在线线免费观看Vertical ladder storage in RS body

Center dry storage hatch in hosebed

Integrated fender compartments

啪影院在线线免费观看Vertically-hinged flush aluminum doors

Split tailboard with swing-down steps

Self supported hosebed doors

25° angle of departure